- 5+ Years of Professional experience -

An Illustrator with an overactive imagination

- Welcome to my world -

Have a blank space? Looking for a unique, one of a kind mural to customise your space? Look no further! 

Custom Murals

Struggling for gift ideas? You want your gift to stand out? Why not commission a custom portrait!

Custom Portraits

Illustrations for publications

Writing a book or article? Looking for images and characters to come alive?

Creating merchandise that needs customising? Why not check out some the merchandise I've created!


- Want to Work With Me? -

Each project is unique, so it’s not a one size fits all solution. This nimble approach keeps me flexible and enables me to deliver considered, effective and meaningful design.

Step 1


Let’s chat. A good old fashioned phone call, or maybe a coffee? If you already have a design brief that’s great, but don’t worry if not as we can work on that together. We’ll discuss objectives, deliverables, timelines and budget.

Step 2

Research is key. We’ll look at your target and what you are trying to achieve. By creating mood boards and collating visual inspiration we can begin thinking about concepts and possible design directions.


Step 3


Pen to paper. This is the experimenting stage, an opportunity to trial run ideas and explore various creative executions. 

Step 4

It’s all in the detail. Following feedback we can begin honing the design, refining each element whilst considering every touchpoint.


- Let's get started! -

Step 5


Signed, sealed and delivered. I’ll work with you to ensure you have everything you need to launch the project and let it flourish in the world.

- What my clients say -

"Absolutely fantastic. Can not fault ‘Curtiscreationz’ at all. Amazing service and incredible art work. Recommended to everyone."

- H-E.W

"An amazing artist and designer. Created my logo exactly how I wanted it and super quick."


- J.O.A

"Did a great mural for Brgr&Beer. A real addition to the place. Everybody loves it."

- D.E

"Love the uniqueness of Curtiscreationz! The humour always makes me laugh and I would definitely recommend this artist to personal work and business"

- G.C

"Had a self portrait done for a Christmas present for my partner. Lets just say the art was fantastic and so hilarious! Would definitely recommend to anyone in the look out for a quirky, unique present!"

- L.A

"Amazing, Curtiscreationz did a caricature of myself and my son as a card for a special occasion, it was fantastic, Brilliant artwork, very professional and very reasonably priced, I really can’t recommend Frankie highly enough."

- W.J

"The imagination, execution and tenacity of ‘Curtiscreationz’ surpasses any other illustration company I’ve ever come across.

Frankie puts drive, passion and vision into her work and this is proven through her execution of outstanding craftsmanship.

I would highly recommend! x"

- G.C

- Available for Events & Workshops -

Live Drawing

Drawing tutorials 

Parties, Weddings and Functions. 

- Get in Touch -

for business and general enquiries, you can contact frankie via carrier pigeon.
however, if that fails...
email: curtiscreationz@gmail.com
phone: 07764558282

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